Information required by M.O. ECC/2316/2015: HolaBank Account

CaixaBank is part of the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Credit Institutions provided for in Royal Decree 16/2011 of 14th October 2011. The maximum amount guaranteed is €100,000 per depositor with each bank.


This number is indicative of the product's risk, with 1/6 indicating the lowest risk and 6/6 the highest risk.

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If you want to know more details about the conditions of the products you are going to contract, please consult the following documents:

Open fee information document

Open pre-contractual information on current account and online banking

Find out the HolaBank Account benefits

24/7 telephone assistance in 5 languages (English, French, German, Italian and Russian)4

Unlimited telephone translation service in English, French, German, Italian and Russian5

Personal household and handyman services6

Visa credit card free of charge1

Free cash withdrawals at 9,000 CaixaBank ATM’s2

Issue of national bank cheques in euros and receiving transfers in foreign currency3

1. Free Visa&Pay or Visa Classic card for a holder and a beneficiary
2. We may pass on the fee from other companies for the use of their ATMs
3. Special conditions (0.2% fee up to a maximum of €200)
4. Services managed by Multiasistencia, S.A.
5. Three free written translations per year
6. Three hours free per year

If within 3 months of signing the contract you do not go to a CaixaBank branch in Spain to verify your identity, the contracts that you signed during this process will be cancelled.

Card issued by the hybrid payment institution CaixaBank Payments & Consumer, E.F.C., E.P., S.A.U., with Tax ID A-08980153, and registered in the Bank of Spain Official Register of Companies under number 8776. CaixaBank, S.A. acts as the agent of the card issuing entity. The system chosen by CaixaBank Payments & Consumer to protect payment service users' funds is to deposit them in a separate account opened with CaixaBank, S.A.

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